Bird Shooting

Bird ShootingTrophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand provide programmes and packages for Bird Shooting in New Zealand during shooting season.

Locations vary throughout New Zealand.  The following provides information on species in New Zealand that are included in the Trophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand Bird Shooting programmes and packages. 

We will tailor any package to suit your requirements – just let us now what you want and when, and leave the rest to us.

Lakes, ponds, and streams are all productive on opening day for duck shooters, shooting mallard and grey ducks in most areas.

After opening day, ponds and creeks are still productive, mainly in feeding ponds.

Mallard Ducks

Mallard DuckShooters feed the ponds with maise to hold the ducks in the area and make the ponds in to feeding ponds which attract the Mallard Ducks to feed.

The Mallard Ducks are the most sought after bird as far as duck shooters are concerned because of their plump nature and a chef's choice for eating.

Paradise Ducks

Paradise DuckParadise Ducks are shot more in the open paddocks and decoy well. Hunters put up either a portable mai mais or hides and wait for birds to fly over and decoy.

A beautiful  bird or a pair make great trophies, the male being black, the female brown with a white head. Both have white on the wings.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese are available in some areas, and also decoy well on both ponds and paddocks.


PheasantPheasant shooting is better where the climate is warmer and the Pheasant shooting season is longer than the Duck shooting season.

Shooting driven pheasants is another option and a great day’s shooting. This involves shooting between 150 - 200 birds between 10 guns. Bookings are essential.

Contact Us to arrange a shoot. 


Swan shooting on the lakes is also available during the season.

Turkey and Peacock

TurkeyTurkey and Peacock shooting is popular with shooters and is readily available with no limit. 

We have numerous estates to on which to shoot turkeys.

Turkey and Peacock shooting is popular with shooters and is readily available with no limit.


PukekoPukeko are another game bird that is available during the shooting season. It is a native of New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania.

In Australia it is commonly known as 'Swamphen' or 'Purple Swamp Hen'. The Pukeko is beginning to lose its ability to fly, according to Britannica.

Even now, when threatened it will often walk away from danger rather than fly. When it does fly, it has a rather clumsy take off and landing. It tends to prefer short distances.

The name 'Pukeko' is of Māori origin.

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In Season we can arrange game Bird shooting for:

Paradise Sheldeck Season 1st Weekend May to 9th August Limit 10
  Also 27th and 28th February 2010  
Mallard Duck Season 1st Weekend May to 28th June Limit 10
Grey Duck Season 1st Weekend May to 28th June Limit 10
Pheasant Season 1st Weekend May to 30th August Limit 5
Pheasant Driven Pheasant Shooting also Available  
Canada Geese Season 1st Weekend May to 30th August  
Peacock All Year  
Turkey All Year  
Swan Season 1st Weekend May to 9th August