Taxidermist Services

TaxidermistsTrophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand use only the most credible taxidermists to look after their clients trophies.

It is most important to have only the most creditable taxidermists mount the trophies to ensure the longest possible time frame for them to keep in a natural state.

These talented people compete at hunting shows throughout the country with their work.

They can either mount your trophies here in New Zealand or they can expedite they trophies back to a taxidermist of the clients choice.

One of whom we had a lot of dealings with and is very well known is situated at the northern end of lake Taupo.

Vern Pearson has won for 3 times Best of Show Judges Choice. He turns out some fantastic work, any hunter would be proud to have hanging on his wall.

Shipment of trophies

We use only the best Taxidermists. Trophies can be mounted in New Zealand and put in crates for shipment to your destination. Alternatively, the capes can be prepared and the antlers and skulls cleaned and then freighted to your given destination.

A surcharge is payable for the preparation of trophies, documentation, and crates. All shipments will be on a freight forward basis of payment.