Fresh Water Fishing

Trophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand provide a range of fishing experiences to cater for all fishermen. Experience the New Zealand wilderness, the pristine waters of the central Plateau in New Zealand’s North Island and beyond. You’ll find what you want with our Trout Fishing Lakes and Rivers Packages.

Wilderness Fishing

Wilderness FishingWilderness fishing is without a doubt the ultimate fishing experience for the true angler.

Trophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand offers a unique helicopter trip of a lifetime into the New Zealand wilderness where you will land by a river immediately experiencing the peace and tranquillity of New Zealand’s natural environment, and of course, the reason for being here - the cagey Rainbow and Brown trout.

At the bottom of deep pools of crystal clear water are those elusive trout, and in a lot of cases they are very big fish, double figures in weight. 

Dry fly, wet fly, Nymph, the challenge is there. 

Trout FishingTrophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand provides excellent guides who are worth their weight in gold, they have extensive local knowledge, which plays a big part in catching the ‘big one’, as once disturbed these big fish are twice as hard to catch.

Then experience the scream of the reel as the big trout takes the fly, its tail walks on top of the water as it tries to spit out the hook, then it commences its run into the fast water.

Hold the line, excitement - this is what the fisherman is here for.

All Wilderness Fishing Guided with catch and release.

Trophy Hunt and Fish Wilderness Fishing Packages

Wilderness Fishing Camp

River Raft Day Trip
River Raft Camp Out Tent
Helicopter Day Trip
Helicopter 2-3 Day Trip, Tent or Cabin
4 X $ Vehicle 1-2-3 Day Trips

Lake Fishing

Lake TaupoOn New Zealand’s pristine Lakes - TaupoRotoira and Otomangakau.

Methods - Deep troll, Down Rigger, Haling, Jigging

The lakes on the central plateau are known all over the world for superb Rainbow and Brown trout fishing experiences.

Double figure fish of 10lb are still there with a chance, and each angler is allowed a take of three legal-sized trout per day from Lake Taupo, using any of the above methods.

Lake RotoiraLake Rotoira has a limit of 10 fish per day and Lake Otomangakau often produces double figure fish of above 10 lb.

Trophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand can arrange charter boats of all sizes from both ends of Lake Taupo or on the other lakes, which cater for different sized groups wanting the ultimate trout fishing experience.

These boats charge by the hour and the number of people onboard. Fishing licences and tackle are supplied on board.

River Fishing

River Fishing - Whakapapa RiverThere are numerous rivers and streams flowing into Lake Taupo that offer very good Rainbow and Brown Trout  fishing, particularly when the Trout are running up the river to spawn - the best time of year for this is from July onwards – legal take from these rivers is three fish per person per day.  

Not far to the west Trophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand can introduce you to another catchment called the Whanganui.

This river has been fishing well, as has another tributary, the Whakapapa River. Double figure fish can be caught here. Catch and release is most usually the norm, although it is not illegal to take the trout. 

Access into the Whakapapa River can be difficult if the land owners are not known by the guides or angler. 

Dave Ratcliffe River FishingTrophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand have excellent, knowledgeable guides, who are the answer to the ultimate fishing adventure.

The South Island also has many notable fishing lakes and rivers. Fishing can be organised once you decide on your package, what you want to achieve, how you want to do it and when.      

You tell us what you want , then leave the organizing to us.