Hunting Season

Hunting Season - Velvet StagThe New Zealand TROPHY hunting season starts at the end of February and goes through until August.

The deer species are rubbing the velvet from their antlers in late February and early March in preparation for the rutting season, which starts in April.

Chamois and Thar start to gather their winter coat in April and a good time to hunt them is May, June and July before the frosts nip the tips of the mane and facial hair.

A recommended minimum timeframe for a multi-animal trophy hunt is a minimum of seven days, as weather can sometimes hamper the programme.

If more than three trophies are sought then allow for extra time, especially if both North and South Islands are the focus for trophies.


Auckland is the international airport where most overseas tourists arrive in New Zealand. From here domestic flights to other destinations will be arranged.

Trophy Hunt and Fish New Zealand have a personalised hunting package where we pick you up from the airport and accompany you to the hunting venue. After the trophy or trophies are secured you move to the next destination. You can stop off to fish for trout, small game, bird shooting, or do any of the other activities shown here that might be of interest. We will incorporate everything into your holiday. Look at the other activities that are available. Our local knowledge makes adventures quicker and cheaper, and more pleasant when time is a factor.


Fire Arms and Fishing Gear

Fire Arms and fishing gear can be supplied to suit what is required. Fire Arms licences can be arranged for you in New Zealand at the airport on arrival.

New Zealand has strict laws governing the use of firearms. It is possible however for international clients to bring firearms with you.

A Temporary Visitors Firearms License (Cost NZ $25) and Permit to Import must be obtained from the New Zealand Police at point of entry.

We are able to assist with the application.

Download application for Tourist Firearms License

Please note – Handguns are not permitted in New Zealand.


Hunting in New Zealand is during the winter in Alpine environments, which can be unpleasant if you have not got the appropriate clothing. Make sure you have good, solid, waterproof boots - wear them and break them in before you leave home. New boots often cause damage to feet if long periods are spent walking over rough ground. Have a good waterproof jacket, with warm clothes underneath.

There are stores/shops in New Zealand close to most hunting destinations, which stock all the clothing required. Firearms calibres need to be no smaller than .270 or .308. Some shooting can be at ranges of up to 350 metres. Firearms zero can be checked before hunting commences.